Use inspires solutions

A partner of developers, promoters, owners and investors, E-nergy favours a technical and global approach to property and establishes comfort of use as the cornerstone upon which the joint objectives of asset value, energy savings and performance are built.

Choose “user centric” energy and environmental performance.

Engineering integrated into a transversal offer


Energy / Environment
Comfort of use / Operation

Enhancement of property and urban programmes
with regard to their use and
environmental integration.


Fluid, thermal
and environmental design

Implementation of our vision
of a sustainable building:
intelligent, efficient and comfortable.

E-nergy intervenes on buildings, asset stocks and neighbourhoods, for new or existing projects

Our vision: seeing beyond standards in order to bring greater intelligence and sustainability to building use


Providing you with independent advice based on integrated engineering, customised service and innovative thinking.


Having expertise is key. Using it to develop bold solutions and to advance our trade is our credo.


Enabling you to anticipate what lies ahead, or the future of an asset, through the integration of realistic and contextualised projections.

Always attentive to our clients, E-nergy develops innovative solutions to facilitate their processes

Our digital tools simplify the operational management of your programmes while simultaneously optimising the client’s experience: a win-win service!

Comfort is not an option

The purchaser modifications and options phase is often a challenging experience both for the promoter and for its clients: time-consuming, subject to error and disappointment. is an immersive 3D application that enables promoters to manage and remotely control purchaser modifications and options within the framework of their off-plan apartments, thereby providing the purchaser with a customised experience.



    Proof of the new

    Purchasers of apartments can sometimes hesitate between new and existing properties.

    Energy Saver is an application that calculates future levels of energy consumption based on the actual usage of their apartment.

    The demonstration of competitiveness provided by Energy Saver is a powerful contribution to a sale for promoters.



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      Client Testimonials

      E-nergy are working with us to fine-tune and implement the “energy and carbon” strategy to be deployed across our assets. We have appreciated the quality of attentiveness, the creative force and the desire for synthesis demonstrated by the team who have displayed great expertise in the fields of engineering and consulting. A genuine climate of confidence has settled in.

      Eric Oudard

      Technical and Development Director – SFL

      E-nergy supported us in a project management capacity across several eco-districts to shed some light on our energy strategy. Thanks to their intervention we have secured our community commitments (renewable energy rate, CO2 emissions) while simultaneously optimising the installations:
      – Budget managed by the inhabitant
      – A legal, financial and technical structure adapted to our balance sheet

      Jérome Sauvage

      Urbanera Director of Urban Projects – Bouygues Immobilier


      clients assisted
      since 2009




      optimised assets,
      including 10 high-rise buildings


      heating networks

      Two additional energies

      Yann Leblond
      Partner and Co-founder

      Fascinated by stone and architecture since my childhood, I started working in the real estate industry in the early 2000s. Contemporary real estate is no longer only valued by a rule of location or relationship of supply and demand, it must also meet energetic, environmental and societal imperatives. This new path must be accompanied by experts who guide decisions towards a good harmony between asset value / environmental concern / comfort of use.

      Benoît Ricard
      Partner and Co-founder

      Trained as an engineer, I have worked in the property sector since the end of the 90s. The technique is fascinating as it covers a broad range: construction, innovation and advancement. In the midst of a complex energy transition, this technique must be popularised for it to be understood and be at the service of decision support. This is what we do on a daily basis at E-nergy: provide a wide angle and instructive view as well as advising our clients on the implications of the city of the future.

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